Apr 14

Any Data Recovery-how to recover data from Windows 10 computer

Keep your data carefully in Windows 10?

I think you were so excited when you heard Windowds 10 can be downloaed freely for Windows 8.1 users, and you may can not help to update your computer to Windows 10.

However,after Windows 8, the Windows system not only seems to be powerful, but also more complex in some operations. So, you may suffer from data loss from Windows 10 computer.

Data loss situations are always caused by mistaken operation in Windows computer. For example, when you want to sort out your holiday journey photos in your new Windows 10 computer, you may accidetally delete some useful photos in unconscious mind. And other kind of data loss situation that is data wipping caused by virus. As you know, Windows computer is easy to be infected by virus when you connect it to the Internet. Some virus will delete your personal data in your computer. What’s more, the most severe disaster for Windows 10 computer data is system crash. You have to reinstall system and re-patition your computer hard drive that must make any data lost.

Do you know the ways cann help you recover lost data from Window 10 computer

Honestly, in digital age, Windows 10 computer lost data recovery isn’t a big trouble. You can try to use the following way to help you recover lost data on your Windows 10 computer.

Way 1: Free to restore lost Windows 10 data via backup

In Windows OS, Microsoft have featured backup options for user to save their personal data including photos, videos, documents, text files, exe files,etc in hard drive.

On one hand, you can use “backup and restore” option which is the same as previous Windows OS, when you find your data were lost, you can restore the system to previous point. On the other hand, if you think the whole restoration is too trouble, I think you can try to restore from Onedrive. Onedrive is a cloud service provided by Microsoft, you can upload your persional data to cloud server, and when you lost them, you can easily download back. You can know more about Onedrive here:http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ca/windows-8/getting-started-onedrive-tutorial


recover data from windows 10


Way 2: Use professional data recovery program for Windows 10

However, sometimes we don’t have backup for Windows 10 data or backup can’t help us get what we want. In this case, you need to try to use data recovery software.

(Note: When you find backup can’t you get back lost data from Windows 10, and have decided to use data recovery program, you had better not save any new data to your computer and use it as less as possible. )

Any Data Recovery Pro
is the most professional Windows 10/8/7/vista/xp data recovery tool that can recover lost, deleted or formatted files, including photos, videos, music, documents and other 550+ formats files.

It supports recover hard disk and other removable media, such as external hard drive, USB drive, flash drive, floppy drive, memory card, CF card, etc. Not only Windows 7/8/10 file system (FAT12/16/32, NTFS), but also Mac (HFS+, HFS) and Linux file system (EXT2, EXT3, EXT4) are completely found back.

The tips to restore Windows 10 computer lost data can help you or not? Anyway, I hope you can keep your data carefully!

Feb 19

Secure your data-how to backup your data in Windows

We need to say goodbye to Windows XP. Microsoft have announced that they will stop update for Windows XP in 60 days. It means Windows XP will go away as a historical product.

During this 60 days, most of us will update our Windows PC to Windows 7 or Windows 8 from Windows XP or buy a new PC instead of update. In this case, we need to pay more attention to our important data in the Windows XP PC. Upadate is easy to make data lost.

Here are a few options you can back up your Windows computer backup in safety.

Official backup and restore opotion supported by Microsoft

Indeed, we can make use of the official ways of backup in Windows OS. Take Windows 7 as an example, you can go to “backuop and restore, then set up backup, here you need to follow the guides to finish backup. Different Windows OS have different ways of backup, you can learn more in Microsoft support website:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971759#method40


Windows backup

Traditional data storage media

Apart from the official backup way, we commonly and traditionally make use of storage medias such as external hard drive or portable hard drive. As for me, I prefer to make copies of important data in Windows computer to those hard drive. It is very convenient to find any backup in an external hard drive or portable hard drive. However, there is a risk of data loss from hard drive when those storage media are corrupted.

New way for data backup-Cloud service

Cloud service seems be very popular in recent years, in fact, it exactly is very useful for us to make backup for Windows data, especial for personal files such as photos, videos, music, or documents, etc. You just sign up for a cloud drive and upload your files in Windows computer, of coures, you can dowdload back your file in anytime and anywhere as long as you log in. But, most cloud drive isn’t free, they just provides serveral G for you to have a try.

If you are so unlucky to lose data without backup when you do update for Windows XP, you had better use data recovery program to recover data from Windows.

Jul 24

You Can’t Believe-Deleted Photos Recovery is so Easy

It’s happened worst of us. We have many photos which record our every wonderful moment in daily life. However, we alway face such situation: select”Delete all” when watching pictures in camera or memory card, press “Shiift+delete” when you sort out some not good photos on computer. What the hell is god is like to play joke on us- make us silly in a moment, But it never tell me is there way to recover deleted photos from memory card, hard drive.

Don’t rely on Miracle, do deleted photo recovery by yourself

Relex, man! Chances exsit, we can recover deleted photos from memory card, or other storage media deleted photos recoveryincluding hard drive, flash drive, USB drive an so on. As long as you don’t take any more photos or save new data to where you lost photos.

Since god don’t tell you why deleted file can be recovered, I’ll be Prometheus at this time. Deletion is a real deleted erase from memory storage space. When a deletion happen, no matted in memoey card, hard drive or other storage media, the system just mark a “deleted” flag to the file, its purpose just make just marks the space as being available for use rather than overwriting the actual space on the card. Therefore, when you accidently delete someting you don’t want to delete, and would like to recover deleted data from hard drive or memory card, etc, stop using the device and don’t save new data to it.


Wow! Recoving delelted pictures is so Easy!

Guys, get it? God exactly plays a joke on us! But you may ask me how to get back deleted photos although they can be recovered, we can’t see it! Hey, don’t worry, with the help of tool, we can do any photos recovery easily.

Tenorshare Photo Recovery-this data recovery program has Windows version and Mac version. With its help, we can recover deleted, formatted, corrupted data from SD card, SDHC card, CF card and other storage devices,not only from memory card, we can recover data from hard drive, memory stick, mobile phone,etc.Besides,No matter your data are deleted due to human errors or technical problems such as photos become corrupted or inaccessible because of camera memory card crash, this program should be a nice choice to get them back. The most exciting is this software has a preview function, you can preview the photo after scanning, thus we can choose the one wanted to recover.

Really? You worry about the operation of Tenorshare Photo Recovery is difficult? Hey, man! That’s no need, following the steps, all is well:

STEP 1: Connect the Memory card (contained your deleted photos) to your computer, if you use other storage device, make it be read as a drive by computer.

STEP 2: Scan your memory card for lost files.
Download and install the Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac to your computer.here is the site:http://www.any-data-recovery.com/topics/card/recover-deleted-data-from-memory-sd-cf-card.html Then launch the program and follow the guides to let it do a scan of your memory card or hard drive.

STEP 3: Recover found files.You can preview the recovered files, and choose the one you want to get back, Then hit the recover option to let them fully recovered.

Cheer for Memory card, Hard drive deleted photos recovery

Have you believed? Come on, as long as you have a try, you’ll believe what I said. Deleted photos recovery is as simple as that1

Jul 05

Ways for fix Hard Drive Corrupted and Hard Drive Deleted Data Recovery

Hard Drive is the Important Part of computer

For a computer, it can’t work without hard drive. Hard drive is the most important way of data storage for computer. All of data in the computer save in there hard drive. If there are something wrong happen to hard drive disk, computer may not work well, even boot in failure. So it is necessary to take good care of hard drive, or data loss from hard drive will trouble us, and make us need to hard drive data recovery

Part I: How to Fix Hard Drive Error on Windows computer

Where is a question, there is an anwser! When hard driver error happen, we can use some solution to fix it. For Windows computer, there are tools in Windows system can help user do hard drive error fix by themselves.Let me tell you the easy steps to fix:

1.Open My Computer , click on the drive which has error , right-click ” Properties” → Click “Tools” tab → Check.

2.Click the two option:”Automatically fix file system errors ” and ” Scan and attempt recovery of bad sectors”

3.Click “yes” when a message occur.

4.Thus, when compueter boots and enter enter the system in next time, it will perform disk check program , and there are nine seconds for user to cancel the program. Gernerally, in many cases , because of non-normal shutdown, such check in blue screen will appear similarly, it is necessary to make it checked it.


* Another method to enter the disk check is to use the “chkdsk” command state in Dos.

* Disk check may take a very long time , it may need to restart the middle of the process , please be patient.

* If there is more serious bad disk errors , you need a professional disk detection and repair it.


hard drive data recovery

Part II:How to Recover Deleted Data from Hard Drive

Hard drive error can cause data loss. However, the most common reason for hard drive data loss is deletion. For example, you accidently press “shift+delete” when you deal with some files on computer, or you empty the bin recycle but become aware of a file in the bin is important! How to get back deleted data from hard drive? Is it possible to achieve it?

In fact, Deleted file can be restored. When a file is deleted from hard drive, it doesn’t mean that the file has been wiped from hard drive, the files system just make a “deleted” flag to the data, whihc make us can’t see it as normal. Until new data save to the space where the original data save in, it will be overwritten by new data.

So using a good data reocvery, hard drive deleted data recovery become a easy job!
Tenorshare Data Recovery is an simple but effective data recovery software, which can help you to recover photos,images,document,etc have been formatted, deleted from hard drive. you can learn more here:http://www.any-data-recovery.com/topics/hard-drive/recover-lost-photos-videos-data-from-hard-drive.html.

Mar 21

Seagate Hard Drive Recovery- a Recovery Software Can Accomplish it

Convenience of Seagate External Hard Drive

Thanks to high quality of Seagate external hard drive, our daily life become more and more convenient, and we can enjoy an ever-increasingly mobile environment at work or at home. We can put our beautiful photos, favourite music, wonderful movies, important documents, even funny games, etc into Seagate external hard drive.

recover data from Seagate hard drive

Troubles about Seagate Hard Drive Photos Recovery

However, when Seagate hard drive have trouble even files lost, it will be more serious in our daily life. Luckily, we can retrieve them with Hard drive data recovery software. Last week, a friend asked me for help, because she lost her all photos in a Seagate external hard drive due to power off while she was coping the data to the computer. So I get some experiences.The following tips tells you how to recover data from Seagate hard drive.

Preparations to Recover data from Seagate Hard Drive

First of all, you have to remember: Do not save any data to Seagate hard drive and transfer in and out, because the space where the original data stored may be overwiritten.

Secondly, you need to find a efficient recovery program, which can help you restore files from hard drive. when I helped my friend to recover Seagate hard drive data, I found some good recovery software,now, I introduce two of them.

Option one: Recuva
Recuva is a data recovery program without paying, however, there is no free lunch in this world. I tried to use this program to recover photos from my friend’s hard drive, It just recvoered about 60% photos. If you don’t wanna spend to it, you can choose it, but I can’t guarantee all the data will be restored.

Option two:Card Data Recovery
Tenorshare Photo Recovery is an simple but effective data recovery software, which can help you to recover photos,images,document,etc have been formatted, deleted from hard drive. you can learn more here http://www.card-data-recovery.com/ Even if I need to pay some money for it, it is worthy. With the help of the Tenorshare Data Recovery, I completed Seagate hard drive data recovery

Steps to RestoreSeagate Hard Drive Data

Step1. Download the Card Data Recovery from here:http://www.card-data-recovery.com/ and install it on your computer

Step2. launch the Card Data Recovery application, connect  Seagate external hard drive to computer via a USB cable .

Step3. Click scan button and Select the option “Photo Recovery”, “Video Recovery”,”Music Recovery” or all of them

Step4. After scaning, you can preview the files and choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered data in the hard drive and you have finished Seagate hard drive recovery.

The above is all about Seagate Hard drive data recovery. Just a few clicks, all the data in your Seagate  hard drive will be back.


Mar 12

Data lost in My Passport-Tips for Western Digital Drive Data recovery

Is There Any Ways to Recover Data from Western Digital Hard Drives?

The demands of consumer become more and more, more and more strange, which push the manufacturers to invent and improve products. Now, apart from Seagate , Western Digital is not backward. The new Western Digital My Passport comprehensive distribute market. This product is mini and one of the best partners for the users who need to store a large number of video, photos, audio, text and files.
However, Sometimes we might be in the trouble of data loss on your Western Digital hard drives because of data corruption or mistakenly deleted without backup automatically. Corruption of Western Digital My passport may result from virus attacks or sectors damage. But don’t be panic, you can recover My passport data. By using one of the efficient Western Digital hard drive data recovery program like Card Data Recovery which can accomplish any types of corrupted hard drive data recovery. recover dataf from western digital my passport

Steps for Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery

It is very recommended to have a try to download Card data recovery software to do Western Digital My Passport Data Recovery

oh,friends,you may worry about the operation of Card data recovery software is difficult, This is unnecessary. you can recover your photos easily after the following steps:

Step1. Go to the site:http://www.card-data-recovery.com/, Download the Card Data Recovery and install it on your PC ( the software have Windows version and Mac version).

Step2. Connect the external hard drive to computer with corresponding USB cable and launch the Card data recovery application.

Step3. Click the “Scan” button to scan the files have been deleted, you can tick all of them if you would like.

Step4. Preview the files and Choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered files in West Digital hard drive and you have finished Western Digital data recovery.

After Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery

Even if some portal hard drive of Western Digital such as My Passport have a function of automatical backup,don’t depend on mechines especial IT technology. Users should form a habit of backup occationally.Once you are in the hot water of data loss, a efficient recovery software like Card Data Recovery can help you.

Nov 14

How can You Do Data Recovery for External Hard Drive by Using Software?

“I broken my portable hard disk. How can I get all my files back?
My mom accidentally fallen my external drive. Today my personal computers will not recognize that. It made a strange whirring noise at first but that has stopped. I would like to recuperate the files from it. How can i do this particular? If I have to take that to a special company do you have any suggestions or recommendations? Also, how much should this particular cost?”
You will get software to utilize when recouping data through damaged difficult driveson the internet. In many instances, these recovery software program have a trial version which is often offered to the community free of charge in order to scan as well as preview the lost data.
external hard drive data recovery
There are plenty of recovery tools that can be used to do data recovery for external hard drive easily. All they require is that you download these into the device and operate them as a possible application. One of these brilliant pieces of software may be the Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional. That is one of the premier free of charge recovery resources that can be used to effectively as well as efficiently retrieve data. A few of the advantages that are associated using this software include: the opportunity to specify file types (by using “Raw Recovery”) before the means of file recovery, which will help in localizing the particular recovery method thereby rendering it much more quickly and the ability to save prior searches in a way that they may be accessed as well as continued throughout the next process of recovery. The additionally boasts regarding faster check processes on the lost files through the particular skipping of bad sectors automatically and the ability to recover files after hard push has recently been formatted and a new operating-system installed. This is an ability that many of the recovery tools in the market do not posses. As such, it is a feature that makes it rank best among the particular premier recovery equipment in industry. This specialist external hard drive data recovery software can recover data from external hard drive after the disk has crashed in addition to recover documents after dividing has been done.

What exactly are some of the advantage of this data restoration software above it’s competitions? To begin with, this is the software in which able to recuperate files coming from formatted dividers in their original storage paths. Additionally , it may recover FAT & NTFS data files as well as EXT2/EXT3 documents in Home windows systems as well as its capability to recover files through hard disk in HFS and HFS+ file systems. A few of the other benefits include the lack of spyware, Adverts and some other unnecessary tool bars that often act being a nuisance to the person while using the recovery resources. Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional works with various systems that contain Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7. Even with all of these features, this certain recovery software has a very simple to make use of interface which makes the consumer feel in the home. This software program can be used by people who do not have got technical experience, which implies that the extent of insurance coverage is enormous. Some of the other benefits include quick technical help, easy improve procedures and also the ability to produce disk pictures during the process of data recovery for external hard drive. These drive images may be used as backup and sometimes tend to perform much a lot better than the regular.

Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional offers external hard drive data recovery for a person. Some of the services it offers less difficult better compared to those offered with a variety of commercial recovery software program that will be in the industry at the minute. With numerous options concerning how to recover data from outside hard push, it isn’t any wonder that Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional provides owned such high popularity aboard about external hard drive data recovery and stand above the opposition.