Apr 14

Any Data Recovery-how to recover data from Windows 10 computer

Keep your data carefully in Windows 10?

I think you were so excited when you heard Windowds 10 can be downloaed freely for Windows 8.1 users, and you may can not help to update your computer to Windows 10.

However,after Windows 8, the Windows system not only seems to be powerful, but also more complex in some operations. So, you may suffer from data loss from Windows 10 computer.

Data loss situations are always caused by mistaken operation in Windows computer. For example, when you want to sort out your holiday journey photos in your new Windows 10 computer, you may accidetally delete some useful photos in unconscious mind. And other kind of data loss situation that is data wipping caused by virus. As you know, Windows computer is easy to be infected by virus when you connect it to the Internet. Some virus will delete your personal data in your computer. What’s more, the most severe disaster for Windows 10 computer data is system crash. You have to reinstall system and re-patition your computer hard drive that must make any data lost.

Do you know the ways cann help you recover lost data from Window 10 computer

Honestly, in digital age, Windows 10 computer lost data recovery isn’t a big trouble. You can try to use the following way to help you recover lost data on your Windows 10 computer.

Way 1: Free to restore lost Windows 10 data via backup

In Windows OS, Microsoft have featured backup options for user to save their personal data including photos, videos, documents, text files, exe files,etc in hard drive.

On one hand, you can use “backup and restore” option which is the same as previous Windows OS, when you find your data were lost, you can restore the system to previous point. On the other hand, if you think the whole restoration is too trouble, I think you can try to restore from Onedrive. Onedrive is a cloud service provided by Microsoft, you can upload your persional data to cloud server, and when you lost them, you can easily download back. You can know more about Onedrive here:http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ca/windows-8/getting-started-onedrive-tutorial


recover data from windows 10


Way 2: Use professional data recovery program for Windows 10

However, sometimes we don’t have backup for Windows 10 data or backup can’t help us get what we want. In this case, you need to try to use data recovery software.

(Note: When you find backup can’t you get back lost data from Windows 10, and have decided to use data recovery program, you had better not save any new data to your computer and use it as less as possible. )

Any Data Recovery Pro
is the most professional Windows 10/8/7/vista/xp data recovery tool that can recover lost, deleted or formatted files, including photos, videos, music, documents and other 550+ formats files.

It supports recover hard disk and other removable media, such as external hard drive, USB drive, flash drive, floppy drive, memory card, CF card, etc. Not only Windows 7/8/10 file system (FAT12/16/32, NTFS), but also Mac (HFS+, HFS) and Linux file system (EXT2, EXT3, EXT4) are completely found back.

The tips to restore Windows 10 computer lost data can help you or not? Anyway, I hope you can keep your data carefully!

Feb 19

Secure your data-how to backup your data in Windows

We need to say goodbye to Windows XP. Microsoft have announced that they will stop update for Windows XP in 60 days. It means Windows XP will go away as a historical product.

During this 60 days, most of us will update our Windows PC to Windows 7 or Windows 8 from Windows XP or buy a new PC instead of update. In this case, we need to pay more attention to our important data in the Windows XP PC. Upadate is easy to make data lost.

Here are a few options you can back up your Windows computer backup in safety.

Official backup and restore opotion supported by Microsoft

Indeed, we can make use of the official ways of backup in Windows OS. Take Windows 7 as an example, you can go to “backuop and restore, then set up backup, here you need to follow the guides to finish backup. Different Windows OS have different ways of backup, you can learn more in Microsoft support website:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971759#method40


Windows backup

Traditional data storage media

Apart from the official backup way, we commonly and traditionally make use of storage medias such as external hard drive or portable hard drive. As for me, I prefer to make copies of important data in Windows computer to those hard drive. It is very convenient to find any backup in an external hard drive or portable hard drive. However, there is a risk of data loss from hard drive when those storage media are corrupted.

New way for data backup-Cloud service

Cloud service seems be very popular in recent years, in fact, it exactly is very useful for us to make backup for Windows data, especial for personal files such as photos, videos, music, or documents, etc. You just sign up for a cloud drive and upload your files in Windows computer, of coures, you can dowdload back your file in anytime and anywhere as long as you log in. But, most cloud drive isn’t free, they just provides serveral G for you to have a try.

If you are so unlucky to lose data without backup when you do update for Windows XP, you had better use data recovery program to recover data from Windows.

May 27

Card Data Recover-Recover Data from Corrupted Memory Card

Top 3 Reason for Memory Card Corrupted

1. Forcibly unplug from device, some users has a bad habit that, when finish using the memory card or transferring data, he/she directly unplug the card without shutting down the devices or click the “ dismount hardware in safe”. In this case, because there are some programs or orders run in memory card when they are plugged to device, if we unplug them without dismounting, it is easy to damage the sector of the memory card.

2. Unnecessary formatting. In some case, wrong formatting result from corrupted, it is better that memory card should be formatted in the relevant digital devices. If we format memory card in the computer or card-reader, it may make memory card can’t be read by device. The reason for this situation is different devices have different control chip.

3.Infection by virus, it is a unavoidable thing in this IT era, virus is everywhere, if we are so careless that download a software with virus or visit the illegal web, our computer is possible to be infected by virus. So when we plug the memory card to the device which has infected by virus may be attacked by virus when connect to an infected computer, of course the memory card may get sick and corruption will happen.

When such accidents cause memory card corrupted, data in the memory card will loss, then corrupted memory card data recovery is necessary for you.

corrupted card data recovery

How to Recover Data from Corrupted Card

When memory card corruption happens, data loss from memory card is unavoidable. Therefore, on one hand, we should know how to deal with corrupted memory card, on the other hand, we need to know how to recover lost data from corrupted memory card as well.

1.What we should prepare for corrupted card data recovery

Before doing corrupted card data recovery, we have to do some preparation for it.

First of all, we should stop using card any more(generally, when memory card get corrupted, they can’t work), including formatting and saving data, otherwise, the space where original files save in will be emptied or overwritten, which make data recovery from memory card harder.

Secondly, a effective recovery software is necessary, a good recovery tool can help us to restore data from memory card at ease.

Card Data Recovery- is recommended by the users on the Internet, which Card Data Recovery-is able to recover images, movies and other files from formatted, error SD card on Windows system and Mac OS from a variety of data loss situation.

2. Guides to recover data from corrupted memory card

Since we have got an efficient recovery tool, now memory card data recovery can be done as long as follow the guides of the application:

Step1. Download the Card Data Recovery from here:http://www.card-data-recovery.com/ and install it on your computer.

Step2. Connect your memory card to computer via card reader, and launch the Card Data Recovery application.

Step3. Click to choose the drive that means your memory card and Select the option “Recover all photo files”, ”Recover all video files”, “Recover other files”, or all of them you want.
Step4. After scanning, you can preview the files and choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered data in the memory card and you have completed to restore data from error SD card.

Basical Knowledge about Corrupted Memory Card Data Recovery

1. When you are successful to recover lost data and want to save them, you should save them to anther storage device, do not save to the original memory card.
2. Pay attention to formatting, when formatting notification occurs, some formatting can result from data loss forever.