How to Recover Data from Error SD Card

Reasons for SD Card Error

In the daily use of the SD card, there are many situation can be error in the process of using SD card. As is known to all, SD card is very impotant, the degital devices can not work without SD card, once the card is error,what we lost is not only the money, but the data in SD card. The following are the possible reasons for error SD card happen:

1.Unplug the card without shutting down the devices. In this case, because there is no intialization to the storage in the devices,
(generally, the devices will automatically generate the boot files which is relevant of directory in the card), SD card can not be identified.

2.Formate SD card in wrong way.A lot of SD card can not be identified cause in wrong formate, it is recommended that SD card should be formatted in the relevant digital devices. if you fomate SD card in the computer or card-reader, it is possible that SD card can not be identified.This case result from the difference between the control chip of digital devices and computer, card-reader.

3.Patitions damage. this case is common, such as power off happen when we transfer data from SD card to other device of from other device to SD card, save and delete files frequently, etc.

4.Virus attack, computer virus is usual in the use of digital life, and SD card may be attacked by virus when connect to a infected computer.

or SD card data recovery

SD Card Error Result in Error SD Card Data Recovery

If SD card become error, the data in it may be lost, such as photos, videos, music, txt messages which are important for me will gone with the wind, At this monent, we may be upset and regret that do not pay attention to protect SD card in daily use. Anyway, if data loss happen, we should find some rescue measures to recover data from error SD card.

Headwork to Recover Data from Error SD card

In the first place, SD card can not be used any more, no famatting, no saving, if you keep using error SD card, the space where original data dave in may be overwritten, and you are unable to do error SD card data recovery.

Secondly, we need to find a effetive recovery software, there are a lot of data recovery software in the market, some of them won’t cost you any but they can not recover 100% data,. Others can get back all the data but with payment,and not all of them is easy to use.

Card Data Recovery Tool for PC

Card Data Recovery-is able to recover images, movies and other files from formatted, error SD card on Windows system and Mac OS from a variety of data loss situation. No matter SD card is loaded on a digital camera, mobile phone or other digital device, the Card Data Recovery can get back your removed or lost files off it in an easy, fast and safe way. It is fully compatible with latest Windows system and Mac system.recover data from error sd card

5 Steps to Restore Data from Error SD Card

Step1. Download the Card Data Recovery from here: and install it on your computer

Step2. Connect your SD card to computer via card reader, and launch the Card Data Recovery application.

Step3. Click to choose the drive that means your memory card and Select the option “photo recovery ”, “music recovery” ,”Recover all video files” or all of them you want.

Step4. After scanning, you can preview the files and Choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered data in the SD card and you have finished Error SD card data recovery.

Tips for avoiding SD card Error

(1) Do not plug and unplug frequently
(2) Do not unplug the card when the devices don’t power off totally
(3) Do not frequently transfer data to card as much as possible

Did the above Card Data Recovery mange to recover data from error SD card for lost files?

Share your story here and see if you can get your problem solved quicker!

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