Tips for Samsung Galaxy Camera Photo Recovery-That’s Amazing!

Samsung Galaxy Camera Photo Recovery-It is Possible

Can you image that a digital camera run on Android OS? Maybe you are surprised when I tell you that is true. Then giant in digital product-Samsung, has release the smart digital camera-Samsung Galaxy Camera, which is equipped Android 4.1 Jellybean.AS the second Android camera in the world, Samsung Galaxy camera is more powerful than the first one- Nikon coopix S800C.

However, even if Samsung Galaxy camera has poweful capacity in photography and break through the idea of digital, but some situations can’t be ignore by us.

Because of the Android os running in the camera, some operation of the Samsung Galaxy camera may more complicate than other digital camera, data loss from camera or the memory card is more easy.How can we do when data loss, such accidental photo deletion happen. Is it possible to recover photo from Samsung Galaxy camera?Samsung galaxy camera photo recovery

I can seriously answer you: Nothing is impossible!

recover photo fromsamsung galaxy camera

Potential Solution for Samsung Galaxy Camera Photo Recovery

First of all, as the Android device, Samsung Galaxy camera can install the Android apps, and be supported by Google service. Therefore, when you loss photos from Samsung Galaxy camera, you can recover them via recovery app and Google account. For example, you can login your Facebook account to sync the photos to the server, if photos in the camera memory lose, you can get them back from the server. This solution base on you have backed up for the photos before.

But,if there is no any backup,and some accidents such memory card get corrupted, how can we recover lost photos from Samsung Galaxy camera? No backup means no hope for Samsung Galaxy camera photo recovery?

Don’t worry! Although there is no backup for photos, we can get back deleted,formatted corrupted photos from Samsung Galaxy camera with Samsung Galaxy photo recovery tool.


How to Recover Photos from Samsung Galaxy Camera with Photo Recovery Program

Before recovery, we must know why we can recover lost photo from Samsung Galaxy camera.
As a matter of fact, storage of Samsung Galaxy camera is the same as common digital camera.Photos taken are saved in the internal memory and the memory card of the camera. When photo deletion, data formattting or other case of data loss happen, the system won’t erased the data from memory immediately, instead marking a “deleted” or “formatted” flag.So, we can not see the photo files normally, but the real file is still in the internal memory and the memory card.

As we know the lost photos still exist in the camera, we can use photo recovery tool to get back lost data.

Photo Recovery-this photo recovery program has Windows version and Mac version. With its help, we can recover deleted, formatted, corrupted photos from Samsung Galaxy camera, including the memory card and the internal memory.(the application will read the Samsung Galaxy camera as the removable drive,including internal memory and memory card)

Besides,No matter your photos are deleted due to human errors or technical problems such as photos become corrupted or inaccessible because of camera memory card crash, this program should be a nice choice to get them back. The most exciting is this software has a preview function, you can preview the photo after scanning, thus we can choose the one wanted to recover.

Notes for Samsung Galaxy Camera Photos Recovery

When data loss happen to Samsung Galaxy camera, remember to stop using camera, because if you keep using the camera after photo loss,the new data will overwrite the original files in the memory.And then it is possible to restore photos from Samsung Galaxy camera.

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