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Ways for fix Hard Drive Corrupted and Hard Drive Deleted Data Recovery

Hard Drive is the Important Part of computer

For a computer, it can’t work without hard drive. Hard drive is the most important way of data storage for computer. All of data in the computer save in there hard drive. If there are something wrong happen to hard drive disk, computer may not work well, even boot in failure. So it is necessary to take good care of hard drive, or data loss from hard drive will trouble us, and make us need to hard drive data recovery

Part I: How to Fix Hard Drive Error on Windows computer

Where is a question, there is an anwser! When hard driver error happen, we can use some solution to fix it. For Windows computer, there are tools in Windows system can help user do hard drive error fix by themselves.Let me tell you the easy steps to fix:

1.Open My Computer , click on the drive which has error , right-click ” Properties” → Click “Tools” tab → Check.

2.Click the two option:”Automatically fix file system errors ” and ” Scan and attempt recovery of bad sectors”

3.Click “yes” when a message occur.

4.Thus, when compueter boots and enter enter the system in next time, it will perform disk check program , and there are nine seconds for user to cancel the program. Gernerally, in many cases , because of non-normal shutdown, such check in blue screen will appear similarly, it is necessary to make it checked it.


* Another method to enter the disk check is to use the “chkdsk” command state in Dos.

* Disk check may take a very long time , it may need to restart the middle of the process , please be patient.

* If there is more serious bad disk errors , you need a professional disk detection and repair it.


hard drive data recovery

Part II:How to Recover Deleted Data from Hard Drive

Hard drive error can cause data loss. However, the most common reason for hard drive data loss is deletion. For example, you accidently press “shift+delete” when you deal with some files on computer, or you empty the bin recycle but become aware of a file in the bin is important! How to get back deleted data from hard drive? Is it possible to achieve it?

In fact, Deleted file can be restored. When a file is deleted from hard drive, it doesn’t mean that the file has been wiped from hard drive, the files system just make a “deleted” flag to the data, whihc make us can’t see it as normal. Until new data save to the space where the original data save in, it will be overwritten by new data.

So using a good data reocvery, hard drive deleted data recovery become a easy job!
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