Jun 03

Tips and Tricks-How to Increase the Possibility for Card Data Recovery

When card Data loss happens, the first thing occur in your mind is how to recover data from memory card. The first aid for your lost data is data recovery program, but do you think you can surely get back all the lost data from memory as long as you use a recovery tool?
No! Generally speaking, the recovery program just is a media which can read or search the raw files in the storage device, there is no a recovery tools can promises for user that they can recover 100% lost data. Therefore, some skills and tricks exist before we use recovery tool to get lost data back from card. Here are some tips and tricks can help you increase the possibility for card data recovery.

card data recovery

Tip 1: Use your memory as little as possible until you recover lost data.

For example, photo loss from camera SDHC card is common for us, If we keep taking photos, the lost photo may be overwritten, then photo recovery from SDHC card become hopeless. So the more activity taking place on your memory card, the greater the chance that some of your lost data might be written over.

*Don’t save any files to the memory containing your lost data;
*Avoid data transfer,
*Don’t use the program in the device which the memory card attaches with, because program running may use the card memory.
*It is better that unplug the memory card from device. Keep it carefully before data recovery.

Tip 2: Free your memory card space as more as possible.

In fact, the more free space in memory card can reduce the chance of lost data overwriting. You can do something helpful such as deleting old files that isn’t necessary, of course, you can also move them to another storage media, like a USB flash drive or computer. This operation also can speed up the scanning process when you use recovery tool.

memory card photo recovery

Tip3: Connect the memory card with its device as far as possible

Generally, memory card lost data recovery with recovery software need to be operated on the computer, so the card have to connect to it, at this moment, it is better for us to plug the card to its device then connect the device to computer via USB cable(or other transfer tool), unless the card has corrupted or can’t identified by device, you can try to use a good card-reader to connect the memory card to computer.

recover lost data from memory card


P S. How to Choose Card Data Recovery program

AS we know the tips for increasing the possibility of card data recovery, we should know what kind of card data recovery tool is good. Something important we have to pay attention to when we choose a recovery tool:

1. How much format of the files it can recover?

Generally, a card data recovery software should be able to recover various files including photo, video, music, document, etc.

2. How much devices it can support?

Nowadays, there are many storage media, and their speed of upgrade is very fast, a card data recovery must has ability to recover data from various memory card, such SD card, XD card, TF card, MMC, SDHC card, CF card and more.

3. The operation must be easy, most of us are a common users
Most recovery program users are unprofessional people. Therefore, a card data recovery for common users must be easy to use. Some recovery tools in the market are effective but difficult to use in some case. A good data recovery tool, should be simple but efficient for a rookies in computer, we can use it to restore data from card easily.

4. In order to increase the speed of recovery, some recovery software will change the size and type of data which are needed to recover. As a matter of fact, we users would not like to this speed which is at the price of quality of recovery. Users always hope that a recovery tool can recover files with its original size and type.