May 22

How Windows 8 Users Recover SDHC Card Photo on Windows 8

A Question about SDHC Card Data Recovery from Windows Forum

“Hi, I need some help! I accidently deleted some important photos frmo my camera SDHC card. I need to get back them, but my computer run Windows 8 OS. I wonder that is there any way to recover photo from SDHC card on Windows 8? Is it possible to recover deleted data?

Possibility for SDHC Card Photo Recovery on Windows 8

For the above question, it isn’t rare on web, no matter what OS is your computer running, it is possible to recover photo from SDHC card.

Although you accidentally deleted, mistakenly formatted files from memory card, or a wrong operation result in emptying the recycle bin data on Windows 8, when you sort out the memory card files on Windows 8 PC. I fact the files still exist in the memory card or hard drive of the computer, but just be informed a “deteled” or “formatted” flag by the files system. If the new data need the space where the deleted or formatted data saved in, they will overwrite it, and the old data will be gone.

so if we want to restore lost SDHC card photos on Windows 8, the first thing to do is that stop using the SDHC card, and then find the solution to get back what you lost.

card data recovery for windows

How to Recover Deleted Photo from SDHC Card on Windows 8

Card Data Recovery for Window features a simple & easy-to-use operation, and the users just follow the steps, they can restore deleted photos data from SDHC card on Windows 8:

1.Plug the SDHC card via a cardreader to the computer running on Windows 8 firstly, and launch the Card Data Recovery.

2.After launching, you can see the drives icon on the left of interface and choose the one means your SDHC card,then you can choose the option “Recover photos files” on the right,(you can choose other options to recover various files), ok ,now you can click “scan”.

3.The tool will scan the files have been deleted, wait for a moment, after scanning, you can preview the deleted photos.

4.Choose the photos you want to recover, and click the “Recover”, then the software will recover the files for you, lastly you can save the recovered photos.

Tips for Memory Card Data Recovery on Windows

Generally speaking, Card Data Recovery for Windows can help you recover card data like photos, videos, music, etc.And if you use it in advance mode,you can recover the files in more than 40 formats .However, your card was seriously damage in case, and the data in it is extremely important for you, you can contact a data recovery expert. even if you will cost more than data recovery software, it is safer.