Feb 19

Secure your data-how to backup your data in Windows

We need to say goodbye to Windows XP. Microsoft have announced that they will stop update for Windows XP in 60 days. It means Windows XP will go away as a historical product.

During this 60 days, most of us will update our Windows PC to Windows 7 or Windows 8 from Windows XP or buy a new PC instead of update. In this case, we need to pay more attention to our important data in the Windows XP PC. Upadate is easy to make data lost.

Here are a few options you can back up your Windows computer backup in safety.

Official backup and restore opotion supported by Microsoft

Indeed, we can make use of the official ways of backup in Windows OS. Take Windows 7 as an example, you can go to “backuop and restore, then set up backup, here you need to follow the guides to finish backup. Different Windows OS have different ways of backup, you can learn more in Microsoft support website:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971759#method40


Windows backup

Traditional data storage media

Apart from the official backup way, we commonly and traditionally make use of storage medias such as external hard drive or portable hard drive. As for me, I prefer to make copies of important data in Windows computer to those hard drive. It is very convenient to find any backup in an external hard drive or portable hard drive. However, there is a risk of data loss from hard drive when those storage media are corrupted.

New way for data backup-Cloud service

Cloud service seems be very popular in recent years, in fact, it exactly is very useful for us to make backup for Windows data, especial for personal files such as photos, videos, music, or documents, etc. You just sign up for a cloud drive and upload your files in Windows computer, of coures, you can dowdload back your file in anytime and anywhere as long as you log in. But, most cloud drive isn’t free, they just provides serveral G for you to have a try.

If you are so unlucky to lose data without backup when you do update for Windows XP, you had better use data recovery program to recover data from Windows.