Top 10 Tips for Camera Memory Card Care and Using

Memory card is commonly used in camera to storage photos nowadays. However photos loss always happen to us, and you can see so many “ask for help” about how to recover photos from camera photos on the Internet. It is necessary to know how to care for the camera memory card to make it work as long as possible.

Here’s top 10 tips for camera memory card care and using.

1.When Accident happens, don’t shooting with the camera

If an accident happens to your memory card, such as accidental deletion for photos ot card error in the camera –you had better stop using the memory card and the device. Deletion or error don’t mean that photos are erased from memory card space, and there is still hope for camera memory card photos recovery – the purpose for stop using the card or the device is to avoid overwriting your other images. Data recovery services or tools may be able to restore your images for you.

2.Unplug the card safely from camera and computer

Some users may have a bad habbit that unplug the memory card from camera when the camera is working or remove the card from computer without proper procedure. Those will hurt then card very much, so we need to unplug the card from camera after shuting down the device and right clicking the drive assigned to your card and hitting ‘eject’. (In Windows use the ‘safely remove hardware’ option in your system tray to remove the card and the card reader).

3.Don’t make your card so full

When you eat too much, how do you feel? I think you must feel sick! In fact, memory card is the same. When we storage a mount of photos or other data to the card which make it almost full, some problem may happen ocassionally. Why? In my opinion, if the card capacity is too small, the space for data buffer will become less, so problem will happen. Therefore, when we know there is no more space of the card, we need to clean the data or move them to another media.

4.Reformat the card regularly

Every now and again reformat your memory card. This will wipe any data, images, file names on the card and set it up afresh for your camera. Of course you should only do this AFTER you’ve downloaded any images on the card or you’ll lose them. Of course, you have to back up your card data before reformatting.

5.Formatting the card on the camera is better than on computer

It is known to all, different devices have different file system. A storage meida’s file system must be match for its attached device. Thus,formatting your memory card while in your camera will make sure that the card is set up and structured specifically for your camera. If you’re using someone else’s card in your camera, you can reformatting the card in your camera( of course, backup data is the first step).

digital camera memory card photos recovery

6.Keep ugrading you Camera

Nowadays, digital Camera have its own firmware which is provided by producer, even some cameras have runned on Android OS. Whatever, the firmware of camera will be upgrad time to time, you need to keep up to date for your camera, those update generally can fix some error of the camera, some of them are related with the memory card.

7.Replace your memory card.

Every memory card has its own life of use, when a card work for a long time, its performance will be bad. And the tech of memory card is developing spreadly, it is necessary to replace the old card with a new one.

8.Don’t use the camera in low power

We should pay more attention to the battery situaiton of camera when we are taking photos. If the battery is low, you had better replace a full battery for the camera. Once the camera shut down when you are taking photos, the memery card may suffer from a electricity lack when data trasfering, which can result in corruption.

9.Be paitient when we are using camera

Some of us may be an impetuous fellow who will push the camera to perform quickly, for example, looking trough photos too fast, shut down the camera immediately after taking photos,etc. You know, machine need some time to deal with data, if you perform it too quickly, it can’t react well, which can cause data jam. At this moment, the card must be damaged.

10.Immediately use photo recovery software after data loss

Sometimes, data loss from camera memory card is unavoidable. Apart from stopping using the camera, the first rescue measure for lost photos is photos recovery software. Most recovery software can scan out the lost data from memory card space, you can know more here:

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