How to Do WiFi SD Card Data Recovery

Have You Heard of WiFi SD Card

Technology is developing with high speed.New digital product realse everday. A kind of memory card has been pop in the market. WiFi SD card,which has a wireless data transfer function. This kind of SD card allow user transfer data from SD card to other device while SD card is working.

Data Recovery won’t Remitt WiFi SD Card

Even if WiFi SD card allow data directly transfer via wireless signal, which is good for users to upload photos to local computer mobile phone, while taking photo. However, when a accidental deletion happen, or memory card get corrupted when camera is working. Is all the data gone with the wind? And you can’t find any copies in the local devices, because of incomplete data transfer. How can we recover lost data from WiFi card?

WiFi SD Card data recoveryWiFi SD Card data recovery

How to Recover Data from WiFi SD Card

For WiFi SD card data recovery, it is better to use card data recovery application.

Tenorshare Data Recovery is a professional recovery tool for memory card , hard drive, mobiles photo, or other storage media. It can help you recover photo, video, document, music, etc from various storage media, including WiFi SD card.

1. Download and install Tenorshare Data Recovery on your PC, Eye-Fi memory card will wirelessly and automatically connect to your pc.

2.After launching the app, you can see the drives icon on the left of interface and choose the one means WiFi SD card,then you can choose the option “Recover photos files” on the right,(you can choose other options to recover various files), ok ,now you can click “scan”.

3.The tool will scan the files have been deleted, wait for a moment, after scanning, you can preview the deleted photos.

4.Choose the photos you want to recover, and click the “Recover”, then the software will recover the files for you, lastly you can save the recovered data.

Besides, when you lose data from WiFi card, You had better stop using the card any more, because keeping using will make old data be overwritten.

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